NCM Investments

Our Vision is to be a leading global investment manager providing unrivaled investment solutions, delivering exceptional long-term performance and being a trusted partner to our clients.

For over 20 years, NCM has provided Canadians with an independent choice for their investments. That choice is actively managed funds using a highly disciplined approach to investing.

Our Funds feature high active share, the measure of how unique a fund is compared to its underlying index. We strongly believe a fund that is concentrated with our best ideas is a better investment than one that passively follows an index.

At NCM, we actively pursue long-term, sustainable wealth for our clients, whether that’s through actively managing our public mutual funds and alternative investment products or creating new innovative solutions, like our Z Series. Our business is driven by six main guiding principles:

Independent Active Management

NCM`s independent active management provides investors with an attractive alternative to investments that passively follow an index. Our objective is to provide long-term value with investments that make active management count for our investors.

Proven and Repeatable Methodology

With over 20 years of experience we understand what works and why it works. We look for securities that trade at lower valuations, have greater profitability, possess less debt and offer better growth than their peers and the overall market. After thoroughly analyzing the numbers we make sure we fully understand a business, its industry and its management team.

Right Sizing the Fund

We manage the capacity of our funds for each sector of the market we invest in to ensure investment performance is not compromised. When a fund reaches a certain threshold in assets, we will cap the fund, keeping it at the optimal size for that sector.

Manage Risk by Not Overpaying for Growth

We search for growing companies that are trading at lower valuations than their peers, their historical norms, and the overall market. This helps us manage risk within the portfolios with securities that are not overpriced.

Concentrated Portfolios with our Best Ideas

We strongly believe that a portfolio concentrated with our best ideas is a better investment than one that passively follows an index. We are careful not to over-diversify as holding too many securities can dilute performance. Our funds have concentrated holdings and high active share.

Align our Interests with Our Clients

Our Portfolio Managers invest in the funds they manage with their own capital, providing our investors with peace of mind knowing that we are invested alongside them. Delivering long-term outperformance is in everyone's best interest.

Why Invest with NCM


Our highly disciplined blend of fundamental and quantitative research leads to the creation of portfolios with very attractive attributes. We focus on optimizing such factors as return on equity, price to earnings, cash flow to debt, and yield that have historically led to outperformance over reasonable time periods. As value managers, we aim to limit downside when compared to our peers and benchmarks by avoiding speculative investments and remaining disciplined on how much we pay for a particular security. Our extensive network and skilled in-house research team allow us to uncover value without sacrificing growth. This proven and repeatable investment methodology has stood the test of time.


Our performance-based culture drives both the management of our business and the management of our portfolios. The desire to outperform for our clients has led us to design investment products that are uniquely structured for today’s marketplace. Our entire team shares this “performance first” belief and thus works to create value on all NCM mandates; not just the ones that they are responsible for.


Dedicated and passionate are words we live by. At NCM, our experienced team of independent and entrepreneurial thinkers strives to find investment ideas that are not widely owned by our peers. We look to create value for our clients by investing in companies that others have overlooked. Our objective is to truly make active management count.